Today I Was Adopted!!


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They say pictures are worth a thousand words…in this case, they are worth so much more! We are so happy for Danee and her new permanent family, Eric and Victoria Eging, and brothers Daniel and Noah! As you see from the pictures, Danee is a 17 year old that we have had in our care twice in her life. Her adoption was legalized this past December, and she couldn’t be happier. The emotion in these pictures says it all! Danee is an outstanding student, getting straight A’s while taking classes at Lakeland Community College and Chardon High School. Her GPA and credit hours have gotten her inducted into Phi Theta Kappa International Honor’s Society for two year college students.  Danee is a very gifted artist and driven individual. Danee sets goals for herself and doesn’t give up until she meets those goals. Danee was also recently baptized at her family’s church, where both her birth parents and adoptive parents were in attendance.
Congratulations to Danee, and her family on this joyous and heartwarming story! We wish Danee all the luck with her future!



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