Make Our Community Stronger: Foster or Adopt

There are children right here in our community who need our help. The number of children in Geauga County who need stable, loving homes has grown dramatically. Unfortunately, the number of families volunteering to care for these kids has decreased. Foster/Adoptive families have the opportunity to impact young lives in great ways & set the course for a happy, healthy future. The decision to bring a child into your home through foster care/adoption is a decision to help the most vulnerable among us realize a chance for a brighter future.

Available Programs


A temporary or permanent arrangement in which a relative or non-relative adult who has a long-standing relationship or bond with the child and/or family takes over the full-time, substitute care because the parents are unable or unwilling to do so.

Kinship care represents the most desirable out-of home placement option; it offers family preservation and the greatest level of stability by allowing the child to maintain their sense of belonging and enhancing their ability to identify with their family’s culture and traditions.

Foster Care

  • Includes kinship care, foster care, foster care to adoption
  • If the agency is unable to place the child with a relative or a nonrelative who has a relationship with the family, the child is placed into a licensed foster care setting
  • Substitute care is intended to be temporary and consists of services provided to the child, the family, and the substitute care giver

Special Needs Adoption

Who is a child with special needs? They can have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Is in a sibling group that should be placed together
  • Is a member of a minority or ethnic group
  • Is six years of age or older
  • Has remained in the permanent custody for more than one year without being placed for adoption
  • Has been diagnosed by a qualified professional with one of the following:
  • A developmental disability or delay or medical condition
  • Mental illness or developmentally delayed
  • The biological family has a social or medical history establishing a substantial risk for developing a developmental, mental or medical condition


  • Occasionally there is a need to place children on a very short term basis
  • The child and family may need a “cooling off” period
  • Some children can be very challenging to parents. The support plan for the family caring for the child may include planned respite so the child and the family have regular short breaks from one another
  • Respite may also be used if the care giving family has a family emergency and is temporarily unable to meet the needs of the child in placement

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For more information, call Geauga County Job and Family Services at 440-285-9141 and ask for a Permanency Planning Worker. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



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